Your first Kickboxing class at The Fight Sanctuary

You have booked your free trial class, you have found the studio on Coopers hill road, and you walk through our gates 5-10 mins before your session ready to go. What happens next?

You instructor will greet you outside the studio, and you will be shown where the toilets are and where to leave your bag.

The start of the session is pretty simple, we line up and bow to your class mates and we start the warm up 

Warm up 20 mins

Our warm up is 3 5min circuits broken into 1 min rounds.
Circuit 1: Cardio
Circuit 2: Legs & Upper body
Circuit 3: Core & Abs

Once completed we do an instructor led stretch to prepare your body for the class. 

Technique 20 mins

Find a space and the group works on grade specific techniques led by your instructor to help improve your technical ability and overall shape. The techniques are split into three sections: 
Foot work

Partner work 20 mins

We partner up with someone roughly your size and we will do pad work and partner drills for the last 20 mins of the class. 

All our classes are designed to keep everyone developing at a strong but manageable pace.

I look forward to seeing you in class

Wez Lucas

The Fight Sanctuary