Shifting the Seasons indulgence

Hands up those of you that managed to stay lean over the break? I know i didnt lol 

Every year I take a break from training and diet restrictions and generally go nuts, as a martial arts coach discipline is a big part of my job, but Christmas time is when i really let it all go. 

2018 saw me go from a fat 87kg allthe way down to a strong and agile 78kg. I am currently back up to 83kg but a few weeks of training and dropping all the treat food ill be back down in no time.   

My partner Lisa and I have committed to an 8 week program with schedualed weigh ins, the first of which is January 3rd. 

We will be capturing our weight and Body fat percentage. Now before anyone asks, i know most body fat measurements are wildly innacurate but we are just looking to make the numbers drop in eight weeks. 

The main focus of our plan will be balnced manageable diet that we can continue after the eight weeks and a varied training program.  

We will be hitting the gym utilising a very structured weight training and cardio program supplemented with martial arts training. 

 We will check our stats every two weeks using the same scales and set up. 

My own target:  

After two Weeks: 80kg

After four weeks: 77kg

After eight weeks : 75kg  

So ill be posting regular updates every two weeks along with progress.  

Fingers crossed!  

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